Illustrator’s corner: Julia Rothman

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Julia Rothman is a New York-based illustrator whose drawings take me back to some of my favourite childhood books in style. She brings something fresh to a linear style which was so popular in the 60s and 70s. Have a look at some of her work here, plus an interview with the good people at Grain...

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The ugly e-book!

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Good typography and cover design – how important is it to the e-book reader?   This article from WIRED magazine highlights some concerns that I’ve long held about our new digital world of ebooks. In particular, the loss of the wonderful art of the typographer, not to mention a well-designed cover. Let’s hope that developers are onto...

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The book bee

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The book bee   This is an illustration I did recently to depict how it feels when your mind is paid a visit by the book bee. Feels so good to have your flowers pollinated regularly!

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The Intruder – deviant tree illustration

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The Intruder – Deviant Tree (internal illustration)   A digital collage using all sorts of plants ranging from ivy to houseplants to an ancient fig tree. This was one of 16 illustrations in ‘The Intruder’ a pre-teen sci-fi tale about plants grown on the moon under a giant dome, following the end of food production on...

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fisheye now does eBooks!

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So here’s what you’ve been waiting to hear: Fisheye can now publish eBooks! We can produce ePub (eg, for iPad) or MOBI files (for Kindle), using the latest InDesign suite of tools. We can either create eBooks from scratch for you, or convert existing digital files to ePub/MOBI format. Easy! Give us a call on 0421 865 843 with any eBook queries you may have.

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