off to the movies

Hi all,

am off to see The Tree of Life tonight, which has been much anticipated. It seem that friends who have seen it are divided down the middle: love it or hate it. I love its ambitiousness from what I’ve heard. Will let you know what I think and would like to hear your opinion of it also.

stuff we love

Check out the links du jour below.


About book design

Sandy Cull’s thought-provoking and entertaining blog on the trials and tribulations of being a book designer.


The book versus the iPad or Kindle!

Are books still relevant? Can the iPad and the Kindle replace the printed book? Should we feel sadness or excitement at the rate of change in the publishing industry? Jennifer Byrne discusses this prescient topic with Richard Flanagan, Kate Eltham and Richard Watson.


The Ship Song Project

If you haven’t seen this yet, have a look. The combination of a beautiful Nick Cave song with our beloved Opera House and all our local Aussie talent is something to behold.



The Book Cover Archive

I love this site. A collection of the latest inspiring book covers from around the world. The Art of Immersion designed by Jason Booher is a current favourite. 

favourite music video graphics

favourite music video graphics


Have you ever been to a concert where the graphics behind the band turned a good concert into a totally memorable one? I have. REM was one of the best examples I can recall. Also, predictably, the Pet Shop Boys (it was the 80’s ok?)

I love the medium of video in its use with music. The links below are some of my favourite music videos at the moment – some oldies, some recent or just plain quirky.

I suggest you turn down the volume for the Yasudatakahiro one called ‘COPY’ unless you like being yelled at. I just like the graphics and what they communicate! Enjoy.

franz Ferdinand – Take me out
the Cure – friday I’m in love
rem Imitation of life
Beat Dis – Just Like
Pulp – common people
Yasudatakahiro – COPY