Museum2You exhibition


A highly topical travelling exhibition on Sustainability, Biodiversity and Climate Change. Put together by the Australian Museum, it toured regional areas of Australia over many months. Fisheye designed the entire display (3 large banners plus 11 information panels) plus a folded DL brochure and a 32 page booklet to accompany it, called the Green Home Guide. A very rewarding project.


M2U booklet brochure




Museum2You panels

Stand Up! (internal pages)

Stand Up! (internal design)

OK, now for some internals. These were a joy to work on – 32 pages in full colour, with a very open brief. For each issue tackled in the text (for example, Global Warming), there is a ‘for’ and an ‘against’ spread – each designed to be as persuasive as possible with emotive images. The student is challenged to see past all this persuasive stuff and identify the truth. We aimed to make every spread very different from the last, with lots of surprises and a bit of chaos balanced against usability. See what you think. 






Stand Up!

Stand Up!


I loved working on this. Stand Up! is a book aimed at early high school students, and it encourages students to analyse and question the written word and highly polished or emotive images to discover the true message therein. This group of kids are so accustomed to slick visuals wherever they look, so we went for a zine feel with loads of layers and textures and organised chaos throughout! I did the cover and internals, plus illustration where required.