Writing like a Writer

writing like a writerWriting like a Writer

This book for primary English teachers by acclaimed kids author Libby Gleeson, is all about how to inspire students to create their own characters and dialogue, and in so doing express themselves with maximum creativity.

A little nepotism was permitted here, with the model of the king being my son Jules. Using collage we added details of images taken from real classrooms by primary teachers, plus samples of the kids’ creative writing. A shame you can’t see the lovely spot varnish on the child’s text.

Writing at Work

writing at workWriting at Work

I should actually read this one from cover to cover.

An excellent guide for anyone who needs to write in the course of their work day (that means you!)

The image was taken by fisheye featuring our very own well-worn work tools. See the coffee cup? That was blue but we decided we liked it red better – nicer energy. Clarendon as the title font and clean white completed the picture.

Three of the Best – The modern women’s guide to everything

the modern women's guide to everythingThree of the Best – The modern women’s guide to everything


As the title claims, this book is designed to get today’s woman out of almost any type of scrape  – including finding something fast and nutritious for dinner, first aid, legal tips, tips on exercise, and slowing down aging. With all that going on, we went for a clean, classic look.


Cover and internal design.