favourite music video graphics

favourite music video graphics


Have you ever been to a concert where the graphics behind the band turned a good concert into a totally memorable one? I have. REM was one of the best examples I can recall. Also, predictably, the Pet Shop Boys (it was the 80’s ok?)

I love the medium of video in its use with music. The links below are some of my favourite music videos at the moment – some oldies, some recent or just plain quirky.

I suggest you turn down the volume for the Yasudatakahiro one called ‘COPY’ unless you like being yelled at. I just like the graphics and what they communicate! Enjoy.

franz Ferdinand – Take me out
the Cure – friday I’m in love
rem Imitation of life
Beat Dis – Just Like
Pulp – common people
Yasudatakahiro – COPY

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